Improved Manufacturing Hiring

Better Screening Tools for Workplace Safety and Hiring

Manufacturing companies face unique challenges, so you need an efficient process to address manufacturing hiring issues. That includes the ability to efficiently process a high volume of applications, address high turnover and absenteeism rates and improve workplace safety by hiring a productive, skilled workforce.

At Select International, we know the manufacturing industry. Our comprehensive and customized solutions for manufacturing will help you identify, select and develop employees who are more likely to succeed and contribute to the organization. We understand the skills and competencies that are necessary for an individual to succeed in a manufacturing environment, and our pre-employment screening tests make it easy to find the right candidates.

Whether you’re hiring for hourly, supervisor or managerial positions, Select International has the right employment screening tests to help you build a strong workforce.

The solutions used most frequently for manufacturing hiring include:

Hourly Level:

  • SecureFit – This brief pre-employment assessment test screens out candidates who are least likely to be safe, dependable and productive. This enables your organization to reduce turnover and replacement costs.
  • Select Assessment for Manufacturing – This in-depth assessment measures candidates' ability to successfully perform in hourly positions within manufacturing environments. Adding this comprehensive assessment to your manufacturing hiring process increases the productivity and quality of your hourly workforce.
  • Select Assessment for Employee Reliability – This assessment identifies individuals with high integrity who are unlikely to engage in theft and other counterproductive work behaviors.
  • SafetyMirror – The SafetyMirror Program, a developmental assessment, helps organizations measure individual Safety DNA and create a safer workforce.

Professional Level:

  • PrōFit – This brief pre-employment assessment test measures basic compentencies for professional individual contributor positions and also provides a score for leadership potential.  This assessment is best used at the top of the selection funnel to screen out those individuals that are a clear mismatch for your organization.
  • Select Assessment for Leaders Manufacturing – This assessment identifies candidates with the skills and abilities needed to succeed as leaders in a manufacturing environment.


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