Pre-Hire Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Better Screening Tools for Workplace Safety and Hiring


Improve Facility Production

At Select International, we know the manufacturing industry. Our comprehensive and customized solutions for manufacturing will help you identify, select and develop employees who are more likely to succeed and contribute to the organization.

We understand the skills and competencies that are necessary for an individual to succeed in a manufacturing environment, and our pre-employment screening tests make it easy to find the right candidates.

Whether you’re hiring for hourly, supervisor or managerial positions, Select International has the right employment screening tests to help you build a strong workforce. 


Reduce Employee Turnover

Manufacturing companies face unique challenges, so you need an efficient process to address manufacturing hiring issues. That includes the ability to efficiently process a high volume of applications, address high turnover and absenteeism rates and improve workplace safety by hiring a productive, skilled workforce.


Hire Safe Employees

Traditional employee safety programs focus on a common thread - Safety Knowledge. The strategy is simple: "If they knew better, they'd do better!" There are safety courses for any subject, and once delivered, companies assume now employees know better. Is simply "knowing" enough to change all your employees' safety behavior? While knowing is important, what individuals ultimately do with that knowledge varies greatly.

We have solutions for hiring safer employees and leaders.


Reducing Turnover in Manufacturing

We have a saying when we approach a new project: “Begin with the end in mind.” It makes sense to have a goal or expected outcome so that you can calculate successes and meet or exceed expectations. The concept is simple really. Your goal should not simply be to fill positions, but rather to fill and keep those positions filled. 

This Tip Sheet discusses the high cost of turnover and four ways your organization can reduce it, through a better manufacturing hiring process.


Implementing a Lean Manufacturing System for Columbia Forest Products

Making this strategic move toward lean manufacturing, Columbia Forest Products needed to identify people who could support the strategy.

This is when they turned to Select International for help.


Discover the cost-saving benefits of hiring the right employees, the first time.