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For The Busy Human Resources Professional

As an HR professional, you know you need to constantly stay on top of your interview skills with the right interview training courses – but with your busy schedule, how do you ever find time?

That’s why we’ve created Select Interviewing® Online. You have the freedom to complete this online interview training course in as much or as little time as you need per session – for only a two hour total investment.

When you complete this online interviewing course, your structured behavioral interviewing becomes more effective and legally defensible, weeding out the wrong candidates and focusing on the perfect fit.

The interactive, self-guided modules teach you the essentials of structured interviews, including:

  • Common interviewing mistakes
  • Predicting future performance
  • Asking effective questions
  • Unacceptable questions
  • Taking notes
  • How to avoid illegal interview questions
  • Assigning motivational fit ratings
  • Combining ratings

Unlike other online interviewing courses, Select Interviewing Online captures the answers of your organization’s interview trainees to use as a learning reference point – for either you or trainees to review later.

To supplement your online interview training, Select International offers an optional 3-hour follow-up classroom training session. The interview training is designed around your busy schedule – it’s less than half a day – but it provides an in-depth debriefing and discussion of the online interviewing course and allows you to practice your behavioral interviewing skills with a partner.

The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide
The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide

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