Determining Personal Preferences

With a Customized Motivation Questionnaire

Finding a candidate with the right skills is one thing, but finding the best fit means finding someone who truly wants to dedicate him or herself to the job. Using a motivation questionnaire will help you to identify how well a candidate’s interests and expectations match the actual job for which he or she is applying.

The Select International Personal Preference Questionnaire® (PPQ) includes a set of job characteristic pairs, and candidates choose the characteristic they would most prefer to have in a job. In each pair, one characteristic is relevant to the job and the other is not. However, both are equally desirable — or equally undesirable — so answers will not be chosen simply because they’re the most obvious or the best choice. Instead, the Personal Preferences Questionnaire identifies a candidate’s unique occupational personality and motivations.

Some examples include:

A. Work with individuals who are strongly opinionated and domineering.


B. Work with individuals who have difficulty communicating what they want.

A. My schedule often allows for very little sleep.


B. I must communicate with angry or frustrated people.

A. I receive little guidance or training on how to perform difficult tasks.


B. I am regularly pushed to my limits.

Using such a seemingly simple approach, this motivation questionnaire provides valuable information to help you make the best hiring decision.

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