Production Simulation


Better Manufacturing Hiring With Production Scenarios

Manufacturing hiring often means hiring candidates for a job they’ve never exactly performed before, even if they’ve held many similar positions. Adding a production simulation to your assessment process helps you further evaluate candidates’ skills and ability to perform a specific type of activity.

Used primarily in entry-level production or manufacturing environments, a production simulation is designed to replicate the physical and mental tasks required for the target position.  A production simulation provides employers the opportunity to test candidates' ability to perform "hands-on" tasks that are very similar or identical to the most common tasks that employees are expected to perform on the job.

Additionally, a production simulation provides candidates with an excellent realistic job preview.  This is especially important for jobs that are physically demanding, fast-paced and stressful.

A production simulation typically consists of strenuous physical activities that may include lifting, walking, bending, squatting, pulling and stretching, climbing in and out of stations and using hand tools. Participants get supporting information to help them make decisions and perform the activities. Candidates perform the same repetitive physical motions that are performed on the job, in the same fast-paced, strenuous environment. This customized solution ensures that candidates have the aptitude and affinity for entry-level production work.

A production simulation often measures important factors, such as candidates’ work pace, quality focus and safety orientation. The simulation offers several advantages:

  • The automated scoring process objectively evaluates candidates, producing accurate, fast and unbiased results.
  • The simulation is face valid and seen as fair by candidates.
  • The simulation provides an interactive and engaging tool for manufacturing hiring.
  • Candidates get a realistic job preview of the target position.
  • Results are legally defensible.


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