PrōFit Employment Screening Test

Helping You Select the Most Professional-Level Candidates

Hiring for a professional-level position is a high-stakes endeavor.  Hiring the wrong professional can cost your company thousands in direct and indirect costs.  A common mistake at this level is to focus on education, experience and technical skills without also considering other competencies that are related to success.  Comprehensive assessment solutions targeted towards professionals can be especially helpful in providing a complete picture of your candidates.  That's why PrōFit®, a professional employment test, helps you evaluate some of the non-technical competencies of your professional-level candidates early in the hiring process.

PrōFit builds on years of research and experience with employment screening tests to help you quickly identify individuals with the potential to be productive professionals in your organization.

By using biographical data, behavioral statements and personality items, this professional employment test tells you how an applicant ranks in key traits for professional-level positions, such as:

  • Customer Service
  • Accountability
  • Adaptability
  • Working with Others
  • Valuing Diversity

PrōFit results are provided to you in an easy-to-interpret, one-page report that contains scores, suggested interview questions and a final recommendation.  You'll receive accurate information to help you make educated decisions about your professional candidates quickly and easily. Effective employment screening tests, such as PrōFit, give you an accurate, fair and defensible tool to improve and streamline your professional-level hiring process.

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