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The Online SafetyDNA™ Assessment
and Development Program

It’s a simple Safety Truth: Certain individuals get injured far more than others. But WHY?
The answer: SafetyDNA

There are unique, internal traits that are consistently linked to safety behavior, incident rates, and even injury severity.
Those traits are an individual’s SafetyDNA. This online safety training program, built by our team of Ph.D. level I/O Psychologists,
helps you identify employees who are inherently safe – and develop those employees who are at-risk. This new approach to safety development starts with the individual, focusing on those internal traits.

It’s time to make safety personal. Because it is.



It’s one thing to read about the power and accuracy of safety assessments –
but it’s another thing entirely to experience them for yourself.


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SafetyDNA™:  A Model for Predicting Safety Behavior


This paper presents a conceptual model of the antecedents of workplace safety, focused primarily on the personal factors related to safety behavior, and ultimately, safety outcomes.

It describes how SafetyDNA was developed to measure those factors and the results of several studies that looked at the relationship betewen SafetyDNA factors, safety behavior, and safety outcomes.



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Client Results  

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