A Look at Injury Rate Trends in Key Industries: Is Manufacturing Lagging Behind?

Posted by  Esteban Tristan, Ph.D.

When you think of high hazard industries, where people can easily be injured or killed at any moment -what comes to mind first?   Personally, I often think of crab fishing up in the Bering Sea, thanks to a popular TV show.  But aside from that insanely dangerous line of work, most people probably think of certain industries such as construction, mining, transportation and others.  Many jobs in these sectors certainly have inherently higher risk levels due to the nature of the work, and historically higher than average injury rates.  However, advances and improvements in safety over the past few decades have resulted in significant improvements in injury rates across many sectors.  And since 2008, recordable injury and illness rates have actually been slightly but steadily trending downward in these key industries.  This is a very positive trend considering the occupational risks of many jobs in these sectors.


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