SafetyDNA Results:

Our Clients’ Experiences in Making Safety Personal

“Since we’ve started the program, we’ve gone over 2.1
million man hours without a
recordable injury”

Watch the video to the left to learn how Novelis, a multi-billion-dollar producer of rolled aluminum and beverage can recycling, was able to incorporate SafetyDNA for Leaders into their safety system and achieve zero recordable injuries across 7 North American sites.




“Select International has given our employees the resources and tools to make safety personal.”

Watch the video to the right to learn how Angela Leyva and the team at the Port of Corpus Christi were able to identify employees' potential safety exposures that could become a concern and how they improved safety at the individual level. 




“Working with Select has
helped make Kal-Tire safer in
that we now have a
quantifiable assessment."

Watch the video to the left to learn how Kal-Tire was able to improve its safety performance using SecureFit to screen out high-risk candidates from its hiring process. 

A Closer Look Into Workplace Safety

Discover how to achieve improvements in safety at your organization by reading the HR case studies and business outcome reports below. In each human resources case study, you'll learn how previous Select International clients improved overall workplace safety. 

If you have any questions about the materials in these human resources case studies or want to learn more feel free to contact Select International.

Improving Site Safety Performance One Leader at a Time

Reducing Injuries by Effective Screening: The Results are Impressive

Understanding Your SafetyDNA™ Reduces Recordable Injuries

Predicting Recordable Injuries with SafetyDNA



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