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The Science Behind Our Safety Training

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The challenge with workplace safety programs is making them personal, to ensure everyone's protection.
To accomplish this, SafetyDNA identifies individual levels of risk exposures before providing the
most personal and effective safety recommendations.

Let’s take a closer look at the science behind the Program.


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Uncover employees' unique safety traits with SafetyDNA

SafetyDNA is a combination of the internal traits that work tirelessly to keep everyone safe. These traits differ from person to person; while some are naturally inclined to behave safely, for others it takes a little more effort. After taking the Assessment, workers are introduced to their SafetyDNA – and the implications it has in their day-to-day work.



The Online Training Program

The SafetyDNA Training Program provides personal feedback based on Assessment results, taking a deep dive into the meaning of SafetyDNA Factors and introducing TaskDNA™ to workers for the first time.

This Course focuses on giving all workers an in-depth understanding of their individual safety traits and actionable recommendations on how to improve their safety behaviors on the job, by presenting the diamonds and their relationship to one another.


Support your employees' discovery of task-specific risk exposures.

TaskDNATM reveals which trait is most important for an employee to safely complete a task. TaskDNA is displayed on your worksite, to directly assist employees during their shift. The red quadrant alerts employees to the specific safety trait they should keep in check.

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It's that simple: two graphics working together that unlock employees' personal risk exposures.

SafetyDNA and TaskDNA equip all employees to understand their risk exposures as they go about their daily tasks. Using one’s personal SafetyDNA as a reference, workers decode the changing risk exposures, represented by TaskDNA graphics, in their work environments. Working together, SafetyDNA and TaskDNA make safety personal to help you reveal the hidden risks in your workplace.





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