SecureFit Safety Assessment

Screen Out All but the Safest Hires

Have you ever moved a candidate through a large part of the hiring process, or even hired a candidate, only to find out that he or she was a risk on the job site? A good safety assessment process helps you avoid wasting time, resources and money on candidates who won’t bring more risk than value to your organization.

SecureFit®, a safety assessment solution, screens out candidates for hourly positions who are least likely to be safe, dependable and productive. Used at the start of the hiring process, this safety assessment removes high-risk applicants early in your hiring process.

SecureFit helps your organization:

  • Increase workplace safety, employee productivity and work quality
  • Reduce absenteeism and turnover
  • Identify high-risk candidates
  • Make accurate hiring decisions
  • Decrease hiring costs

SecureFit measures several risk factors, including:

  • Safety Risk
  • Quality Risk
  • Impulsivity Risk
  • Dependability Risk
  • Attitude Risk
  • Absenteeism Risk
  • Turnover Risk

Manufacturing hiring often means hiring candidates for a job they’ve never exactly performed before, even if they’ve held many similar positions. Adding a production simulation to your assessment process can be another way to further evaluate candidates’ skills, click here to learn more about our Production Simulations. 

For an more in-depth look at your candidates, read about our Select Assessment® for Manufacturing

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