The Millennial Workforce: Lazy and Demanding or Work Martyrs?

Posted by  Amber Tipton

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In our third episode we chat with Senior Consultant Alissa Parr, Ph.D., and Consulting Associate Cassandra Walter about Millennials in the Workplace. They’re both Millennials (and pastry lovers!), but are on opposite ends of the age range. We cover many of the stereotypical attributes of Millennials (lazy, entitled, demanding, unmotivated, job hopping) and talk about if those are in fact true or if they are misconceptions.

In this episode, we'll discuss:

  • Are there truly generational differences or are the Millennial stereotypes based on the life stage?
  • Millennials as leaders
  • Career priorities of Millennials
  • Do Millennials job-hop as much as other generations did?
  • The manufacturing skills gap
  • Millennials as "Work Martyrs" 
  • Are Millennials narcissistic? 

Grab a pastry and a coffee, put on your headphones, and enjoy!

Episode 3: The Millennial Workforce: Lazy and Demanding or Work Martyrs?

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