Customer Service Retail Test

Identify the Most Service-Oriented, Trustworthy Applicants

In today's workplace, it's not enough to just hire people who will treat your customers well - you also need to employ individuals you can trust.  ServiceFit® for Retail can help you assess for both of these characteristics. 

This brief, easy-to-administer online assessment helps you to screen out high-risk applicants early on in the hiring process.  The test's built-in integrity scale helps you to predict Counterproductive Work Behaviors, Theft, Terminations, Convictions and Absenteeism.  It can be used across multiple industries for many different service positions, integrated with your existing application process, or implemented along with Select International's EZ App.

ServiceFit for Retail enables you to measure a number of risk factors, including:

  • Quality Risk
  • Productivity Risk
  • Absenteeism Risk
  • Turnover Risk
  • Safety Risk
  • Integrity
  • Service Potential
  • Sales Potential

 The results will tell you if a candidate:

  • Is likely to be a reliable associate
  • Will be honest and trustworthy
  • Will show up for work
  • Is a high turnover risk
  • Will follow safety policies and procedures
  • Is able to influence others

The 1-page assessment report provides you with scores for the above risk and job potential factors, as well as a final recommendation for 3 types of positions: Direct Customer Contact, Indirect Customer Contact and No Customer Contact.  Additionally, the report contains interview probing questions that can be used in the next stage of the hiring process.

With the ServiceFit for Retail screening tool, your organization can accurately identify high-risk candidates and make better hiring decisions.

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