Perform & Gather Real-Time Feedback
with Success Coach® 

365 is the New 360®!

Select International is excited to launch the next generation of leadership development.  The Success Coach® real-time feedback program specifically addresses the inherent problems with a one-point-in-time 360 feedback process. Allowing leaders to target their customized and personal areas for development, identify Trusted Others, and gather on-demand, real-time feedback throughout the year provides leaders with feedback that is measurable, actionable, and timely.

Organizations are quickly realizing that the next generation of leaders (i.e., Millennials) want and need more immediate feedback. Millennials currently make up the largest generation of employees in the United States and, now more than ever, it is important to provide tools that not only develop but also engage your staff in ways they will understand and embrace. Leveraging mobile-ready, technology-enabled data collection techniques to gather real-time feedback is the next generation of performance feedback.

Although we know this technology is going to be a game changer as it relates to gathering performance feedback, we didn’t stop there. Leaders also have access to our library of developmental content. So, for instance, when after receiving feedback they realize their meeting facilitation skills still have room for improvement, they can leverage our library of developmental content to actively develop in this area.

  3 Ways to Request Real-Time Feedback



Send out a single feedback request.

Your Trusted Other would receive this request immediately after you send it, and would be asked to give you feedback one time.



Send out a single feedback request
scheduled to be sent in the future

For example, schedule a request to be sent out after that important meeting next week.  Your meeting attendees will receive a feedback notification as soon as the meeting ends – talk about immediate feedback!









Set up recurring feedback requests from your circle of Trusted Others – this is just like setting up a recurring meeting.  

You can set up your requests to occur weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly, depending on your individual needs.

Where Has Performance Management Gone?


Find Out the Future of Performance Management

The way companies conceptualize and execute performance management is changing. Fortune 500 organizations now have the data to prove that the annual performance review process just does not provide ROI, nor does it drive behavior change. Today’s leaders want feedback more often. So, what is the answer? Find out in this whiteaper. 




Select International has developed an innovative way to ensure that companies can select and develop their top talent.

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