Talent Audits

  Understand Your Workforce

Have you ever wondered how companies determine what developmental initiatives they are going to tackle?  We have too!  Companies who get the biggest bang for their buck use a structured and objective method
for understanding group level strengths and weaknesses.  





Objective Data Collection

Using assessments at the group level might be one the most overlooked tool for most large organizations.  Using a structured and consistent process for identifying individual strengths and weaknesses which can be shown at the group level provides organizations with the data they need to identify current performance gaps.  






Group Reporting  

Once the individual level data is collected the gap analysis is done at the group level.  Looking across levels, departments, and workgroups you can see specific weaknesses that need to be addressed.  This is a powerful tool that provides insights into why certain group may be over or under performing.  



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Decision Making

The power in the group level data centers around the information it provides that will inform future decisions.  Organizations use this data to inform developmental efforts, training programs, IDP’s, hiring needs, and succession planning needs.

Where Has Performance Management Gone?


Find Out the Future of Performance Management

The way companies conceptualize and execute performance management is changing. Fortune 500 organizations now have the data to prove that the annual performance review process just does not provide ROI, nor does it drive behavior change. Today’s leaders want feedback more often. So, what is the answer? Find out in this whiteaper. 



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