Understanding Your SafetyDNA Reduces Recordable Injuries [CASE STUDY]

Reduce Recordable Injuries

Learn the impact of SafetyDNA and how it can promote safety in your organization.

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reduce recordable injuriesLearn more about the impact of SafetyDNA in this case study.

A critical flaw that safety initiatives make is they approach safety from a technical perspective rather than a personal one. No one asks the simple question which is, “Regardless of training, are certain individuals innately safer than others, and if so, why?”

Intuitively we know the answer is yes! Yet, more importantly, now there are scientific data to show how vastly different individuals are in terms of the psychological traits, known as SafetyDNA, which are most closely related to exposure and at-risk behavior. By understanding one’s SafetyDNA, individuals become proactive in reducing their risk for injury. 

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