WEBINAR: Why Certain Workers Get Injured More – Unlocking the Code

Learn about the recent breakthrough in SafetyDNA research


Safety Starts with the Individual

For far too long, safety professionals have been limited to dealing with personal safety from the external perspective, by just putting a physical barrier between the worker and the workplace exposures. You know them, they include P.P.E., yellow lines on the floor, railings, machine guards, and more. In addition, you provide training on how to safely complete job tasks. Yet despite the billions spent each year on external safety, we know it isn’t enough. Why? Because we still seriously injure approximately 500,000 employees each year, with over 4,000 workplace fatalities.

So, what is missing?

The internal side of safety.

Yes, those internal safety traits that work tirelessly to keep us safe. All individuals possess these psychological traits, known as SafetyDNA, that ultimately determine their safety behavior. The recent breakthrough in SafetyDNA research finally provides conclusive evidence that internal safety traits are the key to understanding personal at-risk behavior and injuries. If this is new to you, consider the following.

The research reveals that individuals with lower SafetyDNA have 4X more safety incidents than those with stronger SafetyDNA. If we include only serious incidents, the gap is shocking. Low SafetyDNA profiles are involved in 11X more serious incidents than individuals with strong SafetyDNA! This research with thousands of subjects proves that injuries do NOT occur at similar rates; rather, some individuals have significantly more injuries that are more severe than others.

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn

  • SafetyDNA: the 4 factors that make up an individual’s internal safety profile and how these are accurately measured in 30 minutes

  • TaskDNA: by applying the SafetyDNA factors to any job task, employees understand their personal exposure BEFORE beginning the task

  • SafetyDNA and TaskDNA working together, simplify site safety using two unique graphics

  • Sustainability: integration of SafetyDNA and TaskDNA into Job Safety Analyses, Task Safety Graphics, Incident Investigations, Toolbox Talks, and Training serve to build a personal and sustainable safety culture


Esteban Tristan, Ph.D.
Director of Safety Solutions
Select International

Originally presented September 2017

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