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Are You Ready to Take Your Assessments Mobile?

Gone are the days of testing centers and carefully proctored assessments. We are rapidly moving into the days of unproctored mobile testing. If you are moving to unproctored testing, you are giving up control of your test environment and, like it or not, your tests are being taken on mobile devices. Are you prepared? This webinar will address many considerations when moving your assessment program to an unproctored delivery as it relates to mobile device usage. Verizon Wireless, the largest telecommunication provider in the United States, will share their unique experience in utilizing mobile delivery mode to assess talents.

What you will learn: 

  • Important information about the prevalence of mobile device usage across organizations and test types.
  • Considerations when implementing assessments that will be administered across mobile devices.
  • Ongoing research questions under investigation about mobile device testing.
  • Which candidates are using their assessments across devices

Originally presented in December 2014 

Driving Culture Change with Pre-Employment Assessment at Sears

Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC) is in the midst of organizational transformation and culture change from a bricks and mortar department store chain to a loyalty program and members-based retailer. While changing a large organization’s culture can be a long and involved effort, this webinar will focus on one way to accelerate the change from the beginning, by bringing in new employees who embrace the new culture. 

What you will learn:

  • How to convince leadership of the need for this type of assessment
  • A comprehensive view of the entire process from development through launch
  • Lessons learned and tips for rolling out a similar process in your organization

Originally presented in November 2014 

Data-driven Hiring: Nissan's Case Study

In this presentation, Bob Mullins, Senior Organizational Development and Training Manager for Nissan North America, and Adam Hilliard, Project Consultant for Select International tackle the path at which HR and Operations frequently conflict – selection using referrals, and the politics associated with it.  The two will lean on their experience in manufacturing, and discuss how Nissan was able to transform a hiring process that was based heavily upon referrals, and evolved the company to the point where the hiring system became: 1) highly objective, 2) legally defensible, and 3) easily quantifiable.  They then will discuss how Nissan continues to monitor the key performance indicators of its selection system, and will discuss best practices involved.
What you will learn:

  • The story of Nissan’s journey from politically-driven hiring to an objective legally defensible process
  • Suggestions on how to navigate the political landscape when seeking change
  • Pros and cons of using referrals in hiring
  • Data on the effectiveness of every traditional hiring step in predicting performance
  • How to understand validity, and the process of measuring individual hiring system effectiveness

Originally presented in June 2014 

Using Competencies, Sales Styles and Drivers to Predict Success in Sales

Why are some people successful in sales while others are not? What makes for a good salesperson? These are questions that sales managers and executives ask themselves regularly.

Perhaps a more perplexing question is why someone who is successful selling in one job is a complete failure in another, or vice versa. Is there a way to dramatically increase your odds that someone will succeed in a sales role?

This 1-hour webinar addresses many of these issues, educating participants on how to:

  • Discuss why salespeople are successful in some positions and not in others
  • Review the core competencies that predict sales success
  • Discover why competencies by themselves are not enough
  • Learn how competencies, sales style and sales drivers combine to form a complete profile for salespeople
  • Learn how to use a complete profile and employee assessment to select and develop your salespeople

Originally presented in April 2013

Brandon Hall Presents: Using Psychological Employee Assessments to Uncover Your Safety “Blind Spots”

What if you could learn something new about yourself that puts you at risk every single day, no matter where you are? As an employer, what if your employees could know the one unique “blind spot” that doubles their exposure to injury on the job?

Rachel Cooke, COO at Brandon Hall Group, and Matt O’Connell, Ph.D., EVP & Co-founder of Select International, discuss how employee assessments can be used for both selection and individual development to facilitate an understanding of the personal factors that contribute to unsafe behavior.

Originally presented in January 2013

How Technology Helps, or Hinders, your Hiring Process

Technology in HR is constantly evolving, and there are many new processes that dramatically improve the hiring process. Unfortunately, technology also hinders your hiring initiatives if not utilized correctly or implemented properly.

In this webinar, Don Charlton, Founder and CEO of The Resumator, and Doug Wolf, Chief Operating Officer at Select International, discuss the latest and greatest hiring technologies available, as well as the hiring best practices for utilizing them.

They address how to use technology to move applicants through the hiring workflow quickly and easily, how to utilize social recruiting tools to widen your reach when searching for candidates and how to streamline your talent acquisition process by integrating employee assessments.

On the flip side, they also discuss some potential pitfalls of misusing technology or not using the right technology in your hiring process. These errors may lead to lost data, delayed hiring procedures and increased costs.

Originally presented in November 2012

Using Employee Assessments and Technology to Streamline Hiring in Manufacturing

Young Touchstone, a Wabtec Company and leading manufacturer in the freight and passenger rail, transit, power generation, off-highway equipment and industrial markets, was undergoing a significant workforce expansion in both of their industrial/locomotive heat transfer equipment divisions.

With nearly 100 open requisitions and a three-person Human Resources team that was spread across two facilities that were forty minutes apart, they were slightly overwhelmed.

The team was finding themselves buried in paper applications, resumes and interview tracking sheets. They needed to implement a hiring solution and employee assessment that could help them automate this process to reduce administrative time, while also identifying candidates who were less likely to turnover.

Originally presented in May 2012

Dear HR Director, Meet your New Employees: Physicians

Both physicians and hospitals are turning to physician employment models for a number of reasons. This is a newer development, but the approach to physician employment has not kept up. Success requires a rethinking of the physician workforce: how we attract, recruit, select, engage and develop these highly paid, very valuable employees.

This trend also raises questions about current hiring best practices, in addition to the practical and legal issues that come with these new employees. This session examines:

  • Reasons behind the physician employment trend
  • Selection – ensuring the right “fit”
  • The cost and cause of turnover
  • Physician “employment” does not ensure physician “engagement”
  • Performance-based compensation models
  • Selecting and developing physician leaders
  • Recruitment strategies
  • HR and legal issues unique to physicians (employment contracts, ADA, ADEA, benefit plans, employment discrimination and the hiring process)

Originally presented in February 2012

Using Employee Selection Data to Reduce Costs Associated with Safety Incidents & Turnover

Aerotek, a leader in the recruiting and staffing industry, and Select International, a global leader in the development of individual testing and comprehensive employee assessments, have partnered to utilize employee performance data to make dramatic improvements to the selection process utilized for temporary automotive assembly jobs.

During this webcast, Lucas Hiler, National Account Executive at Aerotek, and Brian Dishman, Senior Consultant at Select International, shared best practices for making improvements to an existing selection process.

In addition, the presenters shared the results of their continuous improvement efforts. They also discussed the impact that these results have had on critical human resources issues such as employee turnover and safety incidents. The presenters conclude by answering questions from attendees.

Originally presented in November 2011

Training Interviewers Online: New Approaches for a New Workforce

In this webinar, we discuss the benefits of utilizing a “crawl-walk-run” approach to online interview skills training. Participants also learn how to develop the skill of sifting through lots of information in an interview and capturing only the most relevant data.

  • Identify the latest methods and strategies for implementing an online interview skills training program across your organization
  • Review best-in-class approaches to training interviewers effectively to mitigate their legal risk in the hiring process
  • Learn what features to look for in an online interview training course

Originally presented in October 2011

HR Strategies to Support a Lean Culture

Organizations often miss the lifeblood of process improvement initiatives – the human resources strategies that help build a lean, high performance culture. Culture change is always a challenge, nowhere more so than in healthcare where, traditionally, professional autonomy is valued above all else. Resistance to change is the norm.

Leadership at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, the teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School, has taken a unique approach to laying the cultural groundwork for their Lean transformation. This webinar provides invaluable insight into how you can build Lean as a core value into your workforce through hiring best practices and employee engagement.

Originally presented in October 2011

Selecting & Developing Leaders – 5 Things you Can Learn from Sears

Sears Holdings Corporation is the fourth largest broadline retailer in the United States, with over 4,000 full-line and specialty retail stores in the U.S. and Canada. The organization recognizes that having the right leaders and executives in the right roles is critical for achieving business objectives.

Therefore, Sears utilizes an executive employee assessment process for the selection and development of its senior leaders and emerging leaders within the organization.

Originally presented in July 2011

Facing the Onslaught: Practical Strategies for Securing and Retaining Talent in Tough Economic Times

Selecting, aligning and engaging employees is critical for success in this recovering economy. A recent poll suggests that 84% of U.S. employees are prepared to “jump ship” should the right opportunity arise.

Employees are reacting to how companies have treated and valued them during the economic downturn. Many companies cut to only the A Players, expecting them to keep the company viable, while exacting significant concessions.

What can employers do to help with the onslaught of talent emerging when the economy recovers? How can they continue to retain and engage A Players? RSC provides practical insight and hiring tips into how they are positioned to manage the new reality of employee selection and retention.

Originally presented in June 2011

Selection, Culture & Legal Defensibility: Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s Selection Approach

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh (CHP) faced a unique challenge: Build a workforce with cutting-edge technical skills that is able to work in a stressful environment, while still creating a patient- and family-focused culture of caring and optimism.

At the same time, CHP was keenly aware of increasing EEOC/OFCCP scrutiny and civil discrimination suits. The solution was a coordinated, comprehensive approach to selecting the best candidates while actually enhancing the legal defensibility of their hiring system and employee assessments.

Originally presented in March 2011

Transforming Talent Systems: The Mercy Behavioral Health Story

In the past six months, Mercy Behavioral Health has dramatically transformed their approach to talent. By partnering with Select International, they have developed a comprehensive competency model for all levels in the organization and have leveraged this robust competency work to drive key changes to all of their talent systems.

In particular, their competency work has provided the backbone for their performance management systems, promotions processes and comprehensive selection processes for all positions in the organization. In the coming months, this foundational competency work will be leveraged to inform their onboarding and succession planning initiatives.

Mercy Behavioral Health takes talent very seriously. By using a comprehensive and scientific approach to ensuring they have the talent systems in place, they continue to improve their position in the healthcare industry. In this webcast, we discuss MBH’s talent strategy and provide an illustrative example of how their approach has transformed their organization-wide employee assessment process.

Originally presented in August 2010

Rolling Out a New Hiring Process Across Locations & Divisions: Challenges, Roadblocks & Opportunities

This webcast discusses the challenges faced by HR professionals when trying to implement an employee assessment process across a division and into multiple divisions.

For instance, how do you gain buy-in from stakeholders in different locations? Do you keep the same standards across all locations, facilities, etc., even though they are geographically dispersed, with differing applicant populations and profiles? What are the logistical challenges faced?

The webcast will build on the experience of internal HR professionals who have rolled out selection processes throughout multiple locations within their organization as well as across multiple divisions within the organization.

In addition, you will hear the perspective of external consultants who have seen these challenges at multiple organizations and can discuss common challenges as well as unique differences.

Originally presented in May 2010

Avoid Employee Assessment Vendors: Instead Select a Partner

There are many testing and assessment vendors out there – but not all of them have your best interests in mind. Join us for this one-hour webcast where we will discuss how Cascades selected an employee assessment partner that worked with them to align their human capital goals with their business strategies.

In this webcast, we discuss how you can sift through the endless sea of vendors to find a partner that is right for your organization. We will discuss the pitfalls to avoid and the key areas to discuss when evaluating employee assessment providers. As this is a decision that will affect your organization on many levels, proper evaluation is a must.

Originally presented in February 2010

A New Perspective on Safety – Best Practices from the Field

Is your organization only looking at safety in terms of the number of safety incidents incurred?

In this one-hour webinar, we will step outside the box of counting incidents and take a look at how forward-thinking organizations are changing culture to improve overall safety. A strong safety culture must be driven from the executive level and permeate through the entire organization.

High-performing organizations have leaders at all levels who demonstrate safety leadership behaviors. Just because you haven't had any incidents doesn't mean that you aren’t susceptible.

Ensure the safety of your organization by screening out high-risk candidates and selecting safety-minded individuals with the appropriate employee assessments and hiring best practices.

Originally presented in December 2009

Best Practices in Selecting Top Sales Talent: A Case Study with Office Depot

Office Depot has recently completed a national rollout of a new employee assessment process for its B2B sales staff.

A predictive sales assessment (Select SalesPro), coupled with behavioral interview skills training that includes a sales role play, have helped Office Depot to identify applicants who have a higher probability of being successful on the job.

A recent analysis found that those who perform better on the employee assessment outsold their counterparts by up to 50%.

Originally presented in December 2009

Toyota For All! – Applying the “Toyota Culture” to your Organization

Smart companies are taking advantage of the current slowdown and implementing Toyota’s highly successful hiring best practices and people-management strategies.

Whether you are in manufacturing, healthcare or banking, the Toyota Culture is transforming companies everywhere. Join Michael Hoseus, co-author of the bestselling book, “Toyota Culture,” and Kevin Klinvex, co-author of the highly acclaimed, “Hiring Great People,” to learn how your industry can apply hiring best practices from arguably the most successful automotive company in history.

Originally presented in November 2009

The ROI of Predicting Sales & Service Performance: A Case Study from British Telecom

As one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, British Telecom realizes that in order to continue to grow as an organization, it is critical for them to continue to leverage the best talent available.

Towards this end, BT has partnered with Select International on several projects using comprehensive employee assessment programs to investigate sales and service performance. The results of these projects have provided BT with tremendous return on investment.

During this informative webcast, the presenters will discuss three case studies from the work between BT and Select, which highlight the impact of using employee assessments for sales and service positions on the organization’s bottom line.

Originally presented in September 2009

Implementing Behavioral Interview Skills at Diversified Clinical Services: A Case Study in Best Practice

In today’s challenging economy, conducting structured, behavioral interviews is more important than ever. High unemployment rates mean that companies are inundated with applicants for job openings – many of whom are not qualified for the position.

Employers that allow their hiring managers to rely on their “gut feeling” to make hiring decisions are opening themselves up for potential legal issues that can damage an organization’s reputation and cost the company millions of dollars.

Join Scott Snyder, Director of Recruiting at Diversified Clinical Services, and Carolyn Lees-Hotton, Ph.D., Senior Consultant at Select International, as they discuss best practices in implementing a behavioral interview skills training program.

They will discuss lessons learned, as well as what has worked for DCS in their implementation of a behavioral interview skills training program, and also how DCS used these practices to hire quality employees.

Originally presented in August 2009

New Legislation & its Impact on your Selection Process – New Rules Under the Obama Administration

How are hiring best practices changing under the Obama administration? Join us for this one-hour educational webcast outlining recent and proposed legislation and how it could impact your hiring best practices and selection processes.

Josh Ulman, founder of Ulman Public Policy & Federal Relations, and Kevin Klinvex, bestselling author and Co-founder of Select International, will discuss the top labor/employment issues on the horizon in 2009 and what employers can do to ensure they are compliant.

Originally presented in July 2009

Assessing Sales Capability in a Competitive Economy

Increasing sales and building revenue in a competitive economy is one of the most difficult challenges currently facing organizations. A competitive market can bring out the true colors of your sales staff.

Those employees who have the appropriate skills find ways to be successful no matter what the economic climate. This poses a unique challenge to HR practitioners who are seeking to determine exactly what makes certain salespeople successful while others are struggling. The answer lies in employee assessments.

Originally presented in April 2009

Shift into Hire Gear – Utilizing Employee Assessments to Eliminate Risky Candidates and Ensure your Commercial Drivers are RoadWorthy

During this one-hour webcast, you will learn how to use expert employee assessments to reduce accident rates, reduce early tenure turnover, improve on-time deliveries and improve economic efficiencies (e.g., driving style, fuel usage).

Originally presented in March 2009

The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide
The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide

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