WHITEPAPER: Front Line Staff, the Patient Experience and Your Bottom Line - Avoiding the "Cultural Hourglass"

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On a per-person basis, the cost of front line service positions is low, but with turnover sometimes as high as 50%, the overall cost of finding, hiring and paying this group grows quickly.  Collectively, transporters, nursing support staff, dietary and other front line staff spend far more time with patients and families than nurses and physicians. 

They have an enormous impact on the patient experience.

Don't neglect the group that has the most direct contact with patients and families.  Service workers and front line staff have a significant impact on the patient experience, the bottom line and your culture.  A more deliberate approach to finding, selecting and retaining people with the right behavioral make-up yields a healthy return on investment.

This paper examines the failures of the 'traditional' approach to these job categories, a new four-step approach, and a unique challenge with the people that manage these employees - the "cultural hourglass."

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