Should We Use Employee Assessment for Internal Employees?

Whitepaper: Systems vs. Tools


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This whitepaper examines Select International’s philosophy of assessment and selection, which is based on three fundamental beliefs:

  • No single factor consistently predicts job performance best.  Jobs, positions and work are complex and multi-faceted.  Any comprehensive assessment system must account for this multi-dimensionality.
  • No single assessment method is acceptable for measuring all dimensions.  Some are better at measuring different competencies than are others
  • Different companies require different employee profiles.  Companies differ in the level of empowerment, self-directedness, problem solving, teamwork and leadership styles, spans of control and work environment. This needs to be accounted for in a comprehensive assessment system.


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About Us

Select International is an industry leader in employee assessment and has specifically adapted its tools to the unique demands of each and every industry.  Our employee assessments improve hiring at all levels, with solutions tailored to each organization's individual needs.

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