Do Checklists Work in Healthcare? Patient Safety, Behaviors and Organizational Culture

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Beckers_Checklists-resized-197.pngHospitals have been investing time and money into improving patient safety for more than a decade.  Lean and other continuous quality approaches are ideally suited to improve patient care processes and safety but we find, time and again, that 'process' alone does not suffice.  Recent research has questioned the value of surgical checklists, but they are valuable when adopted correctly.

This paper explores the role of behaviors and culture in the effectiveness of surgical checklists.  It incorporates the message from an event at Rice University's Graduate School of Business, featuring Michael Hoseus, Co-author of the best-selling Toyota Culture: Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way, and Dr. Michael Rose, a recognized leader in patient safety.  Their conclusion?  Process is only half the equation.

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