Becker's Webinar: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Physician and Organizational Success – A Panel Discussion

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Originally presented in November 2015

Session Overview: 

What is emotional intelligence (EQ)? What’s its role in facing today’s healthcare challenges? Listen to the distinguished panel for an interactive discussion about how emotional intelligence impacts patients, organizational success, and physician career success. More importantly, they discuss practical lessons and recommendations about how to augment your current efforts with healthcare-specific emotional intelligence tools and strategies.


  • Ted Kinney, Ph.D. - Director of Research and Development, Select International
  • Alan H. Rosenstein, MD, MBA - Internist, Educator and Consultant - Healthcare Management 
  • Michael J. Garren, MD - Clinical Professor of Surgery, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health


Learning Objectives:

  • What is emotional intelligence and what is its role in healthcare?
  • EQ’s role in physician-hospital relationships
  • New behavioral expectations of physicians and physician leaders
  • How to move physicians from a traditional, authoritative approach to a collaborative, team-based approach.
  • How to measure emotional intelligence in a healthcare context and to incorporate it into training and development in a practical and meaningful way.

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