Webinar: Becker's Talent Strategies that Support a Patient-Centered Culture - Creating Value and Gaining Buy-In

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Originally presented in May 2015

Session Overview: 

Patient safety, patient experience, and innovation demands mean that talent is more important than ever. Building a more efficient and effective approach to selecting the right candidates is one way for HR to make a direct contribution to the organization's broader goals and bottom line. How do you solve the selection challenge in a way that brings real value and how do you communicate that value to leadership and gain organizational buy-in to the impact of talent acquisition strategies? Hear about the role of culture and behaviors in McLeod Health's Patient Satisfaction and patient safety initiatives.

Session Summary: 

McLeod Health's innovative approach to selection adds measurable value to the organization, empowers staff, and contributes to broader organizational initiatives, including patient satisfaction and safety.

Learning Objectives:

• Tie behavioral selection efforts to outcomes, including patient satisfaction & safety.
• Understand cutting edge talent selection strategies.
• Gain organizational buy-in by engaging the workforce in defining the culture and organizational needs.

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