4 Behaviors of Safe Leaders

Four Key Behaviors for Effective Safety Leadership

Learn what it takes to truly change an organization’s safety culture. 

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Four_Behaviors_of_Safe_Leaders_Guide_Cover.jpgThe L.E.A.D. Model

Throughout history and popular culture there are various stories and examples about behaviors related to safety leadership. If we break down each of these examples, it gives us a useful way to share what we call the “L.E.A.D. Model” of safety leadership. This model is based on research of the many behaviors that are necessary for successful safety leadership, and what it takes to truly change an organization’s safety culture. 

In this guide, you’ll learn the 4 key behaviors that make up the L.E.A.D. Model and how these behaviors will help you to become a more effective safety leader.

L.E.A.D Model Behaviors include:

• Lay out a vision
• Embrace change
• Act as a coach
• Demonstrate credibility


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