HR Case Studies and Business Outcomes

A Closer Look Into Workplace Safety, Reducing Turnover and Improving Performance

When your company implements the HR best practices and hiring assessments it needs to find, select and develop the best-fit employees, your business thrives – in both morale and your bottom line.

Discover how to achieve this level of personnel success by reading the HR case studies and business outcome reports below. In each human resources case study, you learn how a previous Select International client improved workplace safety, worked on reducing turnover and increased overall employee performance.

If you have any questions about the materials in these human resources case studies, or when you’re convinced that the right hiring resources and assessments really do make a difference, contact Select International.

Improving Performance

Manufacturing Company Improves Performance and Safety with Comprehensive Process+

Accurately Assessing Professionals +


Multi-Level Assessment Garners Excellent Return on Investment +


Employee Assessments: A Valuable Resource to Strengthen your Leadership Team +


Excellence in Customer Service: Using Employee Assessments for Diagnosis and Strategy +


Improving Close Ratios for Outward-Bound Call Center Agents +


Diagnosing Sales Success for a Medical Device Company +


Getting on the Right Track by Selecting Top Sales Talent +


Finding the Right Mix: Identifying the Best Candidates for Holcim’s Ste. Genevieve Plant +


Answering the Call: Increasing Productivity in a Wireless Provider’s Call Centers +

Leadership Improvements

Predicting Performance and Turnover with Leadership Level Assessment +

Leadership and Executive Assessment Effectiveness+

Reducing Turnover

Avoiding Early Turnover +

Reducing Involuntary Turnover in a Warehouse Environment+

Reducing Costly Turnover+

Reducing Turnover with SecureFit+

SecureFit Dramatically Reduces Early and Overall Turnover+

Reducing Turnover in a Customer Service Environment+

Reducing Turnover in a Call Center Environment+

Reducing Turnover and Increasing Performance and Safety +

Curing an Epidemic: Reducing Turnover in Healthcare +


Reducing Turnover and Absenteeism for Bottom-Line Benefits +


Absenteeism and Turnover in Customer Service Environments +

Workplace Safety

Improving Site Safety Performance One Leader at a Time+

Reducing Injuries Over Time by Developing Safety Leadership Skills+

Reducing Crash Likelihood Using Effective Employee Pre-Screening +

Reducing Injuries by Effective Screening: The Results are Impressive ++

Reducing Safety-Related Incidents at Workplace Using SecureFit®

Does Leadership Matter in Reducing Accidents? +

Does Leadership Affect Safety Incidents?  You Bet it Does! +

Understanding Your SafetyDNA™ Reduces Recordable Injuries+

Manufacturer Increases Safety, Attendance and Productivity+

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The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide

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