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Use Employee Assessments for Increased Customer Satisfaction

Effective call center hiring is critical.
Having the right people in place can be the difference between losing and keeping your customers.

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Select International's suite of call center assessments identifies representatives with the readiness and potential to thrive in today's challenging service environment. Reps with the talent to succeed contribute to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty and make a real difference wherever - and however - your employees and customers connect.


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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Today's customer service environment requires companies to use new technology to meet customers where they are. The rise of automated digital service tools has quickly and dramatically changed the demands faced by contact center reps.

Because customers resolve most of their common service needs using self-service tools and digital channels, the customers requiring live phone or web-chat support have more complex and challenging needs.

Customers are looking for reps that can quickly and efficiently handle their request with minimal effort on their part. In our increasingly self-service world, your call center representatives are more important than ever.

Improve Employee Retention

Hiring at all levels within contact centers has become more challenging. Retention, along with time and cost to hire and time and cost to train, continue to be the top challenges faced by most contact centers.

Over the last decade, the average cost of live service contact has risen 38%. Many reps aren't capable of handling complicated customer calls or complex systems - as a result, they are quitting. In addition to the high cost of turnover, this also forces organizations to pay more to retain their current employees, who are experienced and knowledgeable.

We understand the skills and competencies necessary for individuals to succeed in new call center environments. Our pre-employment tests make it easy for organizations to identify the right candidates and those who will remain with the organization.


Develop Your Call Center Workforce

Select International's call center solutions are also designed to identify and address weaknesses, leverage strengths, and improve the productivity of your current workers. Our assessments accurately evaluate an individual's ability to perform mid- or entry-level job functions within customer service and sales environments. You'll have the most qualified agents exceeding the expectations of your most valued customers.

With a comprehensive suite of solutions designed specifically for the unique challenges within contact centers, Select International can help your organization improve its call center operations, reduce turnover, and increase revenue.




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