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Distribution and Supply Chain Assessments

Reduce Turnover and Improve Productivity in Your Distribution Center

Many companies are moving to complex and innovative supply chain solutions in order to adapt to changes in product demand and to exceed customer expectations. This means effective logistics staffing has never been more critical.

Logistics employment requires careful attention to detail and safe handling of materials. Your employees are the heart of this part of the customer experience, which is increasingly important as more and more people order products online.

Select International has more than two decades of experience assessing candidates for logistics and supply chain positions across many industries. We help you identify people who take pride in the work they do and fit into the culture and image of your organization.

The employee assessment solutions used most frequently for logistics staffing and supply chain recruitment include:

Hourly Level:

  • SecureFit – This brief pre-employment assessment screens out the candidates least likely to be safe, dependable and productive so you’re able to reduce turnover and replacement costs.
  • Select Assessment for Distribution Centers – This in-depth assessment measures the competencies necessary to be successful for hourly positions in distribution center environments.  It identifies candidates who are most capable of successful performance in an hourly distribution center position.
  • SafetyMirror – The SafetyMirror Program, a developmental assessment, helps organizations measure individual Safety DNA and create a safer workforce.

Professional Level:

  • PrōFit – This brief assessment measures basic competencies for professional individual contributor positions and also provides a score for leadership potential.  This assessment is best used at the top of the selection funnel to screen out individuals who are a clear mismatch for your organization.

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Logistics Staffing Assessments
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