Selection Strategies in Healthcare

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selection_strategies_cover.jpgConnecting Behaviors to Your Vision to Improve Outcomes

Healthcare administrators and providers are tasked with finding ways to enhance the quality of care, improve the patient experience, and reduce costs.  And they need to do it NOW.

Training and development will only get you so far.  This eBook discusses the steps that most impact behavior at the individual level, which is what leads to real, enterprise-wide improvements.

Some topics include:

    • Applying the Science of Selection to Hiring in Healthcare
    • Are Tests Predictive of Performance?
    • Disruptive Behavior Impacts Patient Safety
    • Using Behavioral Assessments to Tailor Patient-Centered Care Training
    • The Deadliest Shift, or Ice Road Nurses!
    • And more!

The Healthcare industry is facing significant challenges.  Use this eBook to gain insight into how selection and behavioral competencies can positively impact your organization's performance.

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