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eBook: The Best Approach to Hiring and Developing the Right Healthcare Leaders

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The leadership skills required for success today are evolving and vastly different from those of past decades.

Historically, healthcare has failed to take a deliberate approach to identifying and developing leaders. Leadership success and having a pipeline of talented leaders ready to step in is not an option – it’s imperative. The traditional approach of hoping that nursing, physician, and administrative leaders emerge is a recipe for disaster.

We are seeing at conferences, in literature, and in our work with clients, that organizations have recognized the problem and are scrambling to put together programs and resources to prepare leaders.

In this eBook we'll cover the following:

  • Are Healthcare Leadership Skills Different?

  • Six Reasons Why Running a Hospital is Different

  • Healthcare's Leadership Gap

  • 5 Skills of Effective Leaders

  • How to Engage Your Senior Team in Patient-Centered Care

  • How to Reduce Leader Failure

  • Why Leaders Fail, and a Better Approach 

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