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Does your Safety Management System Consider
Your Employees’ SafetyDNA?

Organizations seeking to take their safety performance to the next level need to know which employees are at higher risk before an incident occurs, and specifically, what can be done to prevent the incident from occurring in the first place. Take advantage of the most important leading indicators in your organization – your people and their SafetyDNA.

SafetyDNA is Select International’s proactive personal safety development program - based on our validated Four Factor S.A.F.E. Model - which is demonstrated to not only predict the likelihood of being involved in a safety incident or injury, but also the severity.




    The SafetyDNA
       Development Program

Through online assessments, interactive workshops, and 1-on-1 coaching, the SafetyDNA Development Program makes safety truly personal. Designed to work alongside any pre-existing safety systems you currently have in place,
program focuses on the internal,
psychological factors that are specific to each individual.  

Participants complete a validated, online SafetyDNA assessment and then participate in an interactive learning experience that explains the key concepts of SafetyDNA and how it impacts their personal exposure to risk. As part of this process, they receive their own profile results and learn their personal strengths and blind spots related to safety, along with specific behaviors they can utilize to improve their safety in different work situations.




Workplace injuries are often the result of multiple factors, both internal and external.  These include internal factors such as SafetyDNA, as well as external factors like the work environment, machinery/equipment, and safety policies.  An individual’s SafetyDNA profile will influence his/her level of risk differently depending on where they are, and what they are doing.  That’s why it’s important to consider SafetyDNA in the context of the task being performed by the employee.  Every task or situation has its own SafetyDNA “requirements.”  For example, there are different types of exposure levels associated with operating a crane, working in confined spaces and driving a forklift; they all require unique traits and behaviors.

But not all individuals will naturally possess these characteristics, so it’s important to know where there are potential “gaps” between one’s SafetyDNA profile and the required TaskDNA.  Like two corresponding pieces of a puzzle, the SafetyDNA Development Program brings these two critical elements together in a way which has never been done before. The process becomes embedded into the organization’s own existing work processes and systems, making SafetyDNA highly job-relevant and sustainable over time.







It’s one thing to read about the power and accuracy of safety assessments –
but it’s another thing entirely to experience them for yourself.


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The Importance of Understanding Employees' SafetyDNA™ for Training & Development 


What you'll learn :

  • ·  What is a Safety “Blind Spot”
  • ·  The Four Factor S.A.F.E. Model
  • ·  The Four Personal Safety Styles
  • ·  SafetyDNA  Applications for Improving Safety
    • ·  Behavioral Coaching & Action Planning
    • ·  Toolbox Talks / Safety Meetings
    • ·  As part of Traditional Training on Safe Work Practices

This document covers how safety can be made personal by providing scientific and quantitative information about why people do the things they do, and how this puts them at differing levels of risk. Such change can occur through many avenues, which will be covered in this paper.


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Client Results  

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