SelecTrak® Supported Internet Browsers


Supported Browsers 
Select International is committed to providing the best usability experience and the highest levels of security and performance possible for users. Therefore, Select recommends using one of the supported browsers and versions listed below. Using older or beta browser versions may cause some site features to function unexpectedly, or even prevent you from accessing SelecTrak. Instead, always use the latest version of your browser since old browsers are more vulnerable to security threats like viruses and malware. Using the latest browsers provides you with better performance, encryption and privacy support by default. Our overall strategy is to maintain active browser support based on client usage and worldwide trends.

• Apple Safari 11.x
• Apple Safari Mobile1 11.0.x and greater
• Google Chrome 62.x
• Google Android2 (default browser) 7.x and greater
• Microsoft Internet Explorer3 11.0
• Microsoft Edge 16
• Mozilla Firefox 56.x

1 – The most recent natively-installed browser on Apple iOS devices, 11 and above.
2 – The most recent natively-installed browser on Android devices, 7 and above.
3 – Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) deployments are not supported.

Note: All browsers must have cookies and JavaScript enabled to use SelecTrak.

If a site feature doesn't work when using a browser version listed above:
• Download the latest version and try again.
• Try using a different browser as a temporary workaround solution.
• If you're using Internet Explorer, try disabling Internet Explorer's compatibility mode.

If none of the actions suggested above resolve the issue, in order that we can best help resolve your issue, please be prepared to provide the following information:
• A detailed explanation of the issue including the attempted action and any error messages.
• The browser and version you were using.
• The operating system and version installed on your computer.
• If possible, a screenshot of your issue.