Multi-Level Assessment

Multi-Level Assessment is new thinking in hiring and promotion within healthcare.  Instead of focusing on selection for one job title, position or level, Multi-Level Assessment (MLA) addresses hiring across the entire organization.

One of the biggest HR issues facing the healthcare industry is maintaining consistency in valid hiring and promotion systems across an entire organization.  The problem with even good selection tools has been getting everyone to use them the same way. 

In many organizations, there are significant variations in interviewing approaches, testing content and competency formats both within and between job levels and geographic locations.  These variations include the steps used for hiring and promoting as well as the content used for evaluation. 

The net result:  Unnecessary legal exposure and tremendous fluctuations in the quality of selection decisions.

Having conducted more than 2 decades of research, Select International has determined that the only way to ensure organization-wide consistency is to begin with the enterprise in mind.  MLA is the first selection program designed like an enterprise-wide software application. 

All users, including hiring managers, have desktop access to the appropriate hiring steps and evaluation content for making selection decisions for every job.  Structures are put in place to ensure that hiring managers follow the processes and tight security measures ensure that confidential content is kept secure.

From an HR perspective, you no longer need to be concerned that rogue hiring approaches are being used with your organization's name on them.  All content has been validated using the highest standards outlined in the Uniform Guidelines. 

The entire process can be a relief rather than a burden, because everything that HR professionals need is at their fingertips.

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