Hire and develop better healthcare managers and supervisors 

Front line managers impact patient outcomes, the patient and family experience, staff development and retention, and organizational performance. Too often, we promote the best clinician or individual contributor, without evaluating his or her management skills and leadership potential. Then we fail to give them adequate training and support.

Our approach defines the required behavioral skills, and identifies the best candidate for the position with an evidence-based approach to hiring. The data can then drive a structured individual and group management development program.

Select Assessment® for Healthcare Leaders

This highly predictive online behavioral assessment evaluates 18 specific competencies across Interpersonal Skills, Leadership Style, Thinking Style, and Work Style. Built for healthcare, the Selection Report allows you to compare candidates. The Insight Report provides the basis for individual development.

Online, easy-to-use, and configurable
Easily integrated with your applicant tracking system
No training or interpretation necessary
Insight Report provides deep developmental feedback
Benchmarking and group reports can be used as part of a unique, interactive team Impact Session.

Healthcare Insight 360

Fully understand an individual’s strengths and developmental needs by combining Performance and Perception Data from Insight 360, and data on relevant Personal Attributes from Select Assessment for Health Leaders.healthcare leaders.jpg

Easy to administer
A positive experience for raters
A simple, insightful report
Tailored to healthcare, and to your organization
Easily integrated into your existing development programs

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