Nursing Assessments

Identify nurses with a patient-centered mindset, who are adaptable, display emotional intelligence, and fit your vision. Combine our assessments with an effective interviewing program for a predictive, efficient, evidence-based selection system.


This short online assessment platform identifies candidates with the competencies that matter: Compassion, Emotional Intelligence, Accountability, Patient and Quality Focus, and Decision Making. Post hire, use the Insight Report as the basis for an effective development plan.

Configurable to fit your needs
Easily integrated with your applicant tracking system
98% completion rate and a positive candidate experience
Optimized for mobile devices
Extensive and continuous validation research

Select Assessment® for Nursing

This in-depth assessment uses multiple modes of measurement to identify the behaviors that predict success, including leadership and multi-tasking simulations.

Select Interviewing® for Healthcare

Select Interviewing for Healthcare prepares hiring managers to conduct efficient, effective, legally defensible interviews, using our award winning training tools. Combined with NurseFit, it forms the basis of an efficient, predictive, evidence-based hiring system.

Select C.A.R.E.S. Assessments

The Select C.A.R.E.S. Assessment helps staff to understand and adjust the behaviors that impact the patient experience and organizational success.

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