What is leaderDNA?

Leaders and executives are critical to developing and driving the strategic direction,
managing the day-to-day operations, 
and driving the culture of your organization. 
With such important responsibilities, you don’t want to leave who is leading your organization to chance.

Our decades of research and experience in leadership selection and development have revealed that there are specific personal factors that consistently predict leadership potential and success, which we call LeaderDNA.



Take the guess work out, and choose the right candidates the first time by understanding his/her LeaderDNA
Our leadership and executive assessment tools predict the success a candidate will have in your organization, while identifying potential red flags such as leader derailment, failure, and turnover. We have standard solutions for all leadership levels and will work with you to build a customized solution to identify the specific behavioral traits that leaders will need to be successful at your organization.
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The first step to development is self-awareness, and our assessment tools provide the baseline for leadership development by giving individuals insight into their personal LeaderDNA. Once that baseline is established, we create a customized leadership development program that includes a development action plan tailored to their specific strengths and weaknesses, 1-on-1 coaching, and resources curated from best leadership minds in the field in our mobile-friendly resource library.
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Succession Planning & HiPo Identification
Traditionally, many organizations promote their best individual contributors to leadership positions. However, the skills that got them promoted do not guarantee they have the ability to effectively lead. Our assessment tools will help you identify and assess your high potential employees’ LeaderDNA, while our development programs will help support your succession planning efforts to ensure you have a quality leadership pipeline equipped to handle the challenges ahead.
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Group Talent Audits
Want to determine what developmental initiatives you need to tackle? Our assessment tools can be used to identify group strengths and weaknesses to help you plan development efforts, training programs, IDP’s, hiring and succession planning needs across levels, departments, and workgroups.
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360 Degree Feedback
Add more insight into self-awareness with a robust and easily configurable 360 degree feedback platform.
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