Leadership Assessments: How to Choose the Right One for Your Organization

Learn what type of leadership assessments your organization may need 

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What Type of Leadership Assessment Does Your Organization Need? 

Pre-employment testing and assessment is most often thought about in the context of entry and midlevel
positions. While this is certainly due to the fact that these types of positions are the most plentiful, it can sometimes lead organizations to believe that they either cannot or should not use similar pre-hire assessments for higher level leadership positions. To address the former misconception, there are a wide variety of assessments and tests that target leadership and executive level roles, both for selection and for development. There is a lot of data that shows leadership level hiring is much more important because those individuals drive the culture and make strategic business decisions that can make or break the company.

Leadership Assessments_how to choose an assessment cover.jpgWhat You'll Learn:

  • Why Should I Value Executive Assessments?
  • How Do I Determine Which Leadership Assessment is Best? 
  • What Should It Measure?


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