Pre-Hire Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Better Screening Tools for Manufacturing Hiring


Improve Facility Production

At Select International, we know the manufacturing industry. Our comprehensive and customized solutions for manufacturing will help you identify, select and develop employees who are more likely to succeed and contribute to the organization.

SecureFit®, a safety assessment solution, screens out candidates for hourly positions who are least likely to be safe, dependable and productive. Used at the start of the hiring process, this assessment removes high-risk applicants early in your hiring process.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Manufacturing hiring presents some unique challenges in identifying safe and productive individuals from the candidate pool. A good pre-employment test helps busy HR professionals eliminate sub-par candidates and identify the best possible hires.

Select Assessment® for Manufacturing is an in-depth employee assessment that measures candidates for hourly positions in manufacturing environments.


Hire Safe Employees

Most safety programs treat everyone as if they are all the same; assuming that if everyone is trained the same way they will be equally and inherently safe.  However, the truth is, we are all “hard wired” somewhat differently, and some people are simply more at risk of injury than others.  

That’s why Select International’s approach to safety focuses on developing the individual first to improve the safety performance of the entire group.

Guide to the Modern Manufacturing Employee

As new generation replaces its predecessor, workplaces will change.
How should your organization prepare to attract and retain the millennial workforce?

In this guide you'll learn:

How to attract millennial talent and close the skills gap
 Master the art of managing millennials in manufacturing jobs
 What's next? A look into Generation Z.


Production Simulations

Manufacturing hiring often means hiring candidates for a job they’ve never exactly performed before, even if they’ve held many similar positions. Adding a production simulation to your assessment process can be another way to further evaluate candidates’ skills. Click below to learn more about our Production Simulations.







Assessment Process Outsourcing

When you implement Select APO, your HR teams can focus on one of their most important tasks - sourcing skilled and non-skilled hourly workers. We take care of the rest.Your dedicated project team handles everything, including initial contact, pre-screening, in-depth assessment, behavioral interviews, technical screens, physical assessments, background checks, health screens, ATS administration, and legal documentation. 


Implementing a Lean Manufacturing System for Columbia Forest Products


Making this strategic move toward lean manufacturing, Columbia Forest Products needed to identify people who could support the strategy.

This is when they turned to Select International for help.

Learn more about our workforce solutions.

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