Finding Manufacturing Candidates with Strong Work Ethic [WEBINAR]

Learn about hiring process techniques to find the right manufacturing candidates


You CAN Test for Strong Work Ethic and Employee Reliability -

Find Out What is Missing in Your Hiring Process. 

It's something manufacturing organizations ask all the time:  Is it possible to identify candidates who will work hard?  Fortunately, it is.  By measuring very specific competencies in the hiring process, you can easily identify those candidates who possess a strong work ethic, and who will likely be dependable and reliable employees.
Webinar: Finding Manufacturing Candidates with Strong Work Ethic

In this 1-hour webinar, you'll learn:
  • Industry-wide issues in hiring the right manufacturing candidates
  • Hiring the new generation of manufacturing employees
  • How to test for manufacturing candidates that
    • Have Strong Work Ethic & Positive Attitudes
    • Exhibit Safe Behavior
    • Have High Productivity 
    • Show up to work, on time
    • Stay on the job
  • Case Studies on using different testing methods
  • Using Production Simulation in the hiring process


  • Amie Lawrence, Ph.D.  - Manager of Product Development  at Select International 
  • Steven Jarrett, Ph.D. - Senior Consultant at Select International


orginally presented March 2016 


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