Using Nine-Boxing to Guide Organizational Succession Planning

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Learn how Nine-Boxing can help you manage and develop your team. 

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Using Nine-Boxing to Guide Organizational Succession PlanningNine-Boxing

Search Google images for "9 box matrix" and you will find, in addition to a large number of Keanu Reeves pictures (The Matrix), dozens of ways to use this simple management tool to improve how we understand and develop talent.  Not only is Nine-Boxing ubiquitous, but it also appears to be unfettered by proprietary obligations.  Anyone can use and apply it to a variety of topics.

This eBook:

  • Introduces the concept and application of Nine-Boxing and provides a framework for conducting one's own Nine-Box analysis
  • Addresses the characteristics of individuals that populate each of the nine boxes and provides recommendations on what actions should be taken
  • Focuses on addressing the developmental needs of one's talent pool toward building a base of successors ready to advance in the organization

Check out this easy-to-follow progression to help you identify and make a plan for all the combinations of individuals within your organization.

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