SafetyDNA® Assessment and Development Program: Making Safety Personal

Safety is always a personal decision, but what makes one employee safer than others? Listen to the experts explain the groundbreaking research for how SafetyDNA predicts personal injuries.





Have you ever met the person inside you working
to keep you safe?

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step-1.jpgThe SafetyDNA® Assessment uncovers your unique safety traits.

Most safety initiatives focus on external safety, such as P.P.E. and compliance training; however, the true potential for improvement in workers’ safety is understanding what is transpiring on the inside.

This is what the SafetyDNA Assessment and Development Program focuses on.


SafetyDNA assesses 4 Traits:

  1. Control
  2. Awareness
  3. Rules
  4. Caution






Educate your workers on their risk exposures from a personal angle with TaskDNATM.







step 2.jpgMeet the internal exposures

associated with common work tasks.

While SafetyDNA provides insights into one’s internal safety traits, TaskDNA reveals which trait is most important for an employee to safely complete a task. The red quadrant alerts employees to this specific safety trait.



For example, upon entering a confined space, an employee sees a TaskDNA graphic highlighting rules, emphasizing the need to follow all rules before entering this space.

develop safer employeesIt’s that simple: two graphics that, working together, unlock each employee’s personal risk exposures.

SafetyDNA and TaskDNA equip all employees to understand their risk exposures as they go about their daily tasks. Using one’s personal SafetyDNA as a reference, workers decode the changing risk exposures, represented by TaskDNA graphics, in their work environments. Working together, SafetyDNA and TaskDNA make safety personal to help you reveal the hidden risks in your workplace.


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Using experiential learning, participants experience how their unique SafetyDNA impacts their safety behavior. Included is a 30-minute online SafetyDNA assessment, followed by a 60-minute online personal safety development course. This interactive course uses advanced online training including simulations, expert videos, narration, and personal assessments.

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