Pre-Hire HR Solutions

Employee Assessments

Whether you are looking for a single employee assessment or support for a full hiring process, Select International has a solution that’s right for you.

Our employee assessments include:

  • Application Tools – An automated application process with industry-specific hiring tools.
  • Screening Tools – Pre-employment tests to screen applicants and find the best fit.
  • In-Depth Assessments – Comprehensive employee assessments and ongoing support to help you hire the best, most productive workforce possible and bolster legal defensibility.

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Interview Training

Rely on Select International’s more than 20 years of experience in interview training for hiring managers to help you identify, select and develop top talent for your organization through better structural behavioral interviews.

Select International offers:

  • Classroom Interview Training - Learn how this in-person interview training for managers and HR professionals helps you conduct more effective behavioral interviews and retain improved interviewing techniques for years to come.
  • Online Interview Training - Discover how Select Interviewing Online helps your hiring managers and interviewers improve their structured interviewing techniques while completing the course at the pace of their busy schedules.

To learn more about Select International's interview training program, click here. 

Leadership & Executive Assessments

Select International has developed an innovative way to ensure that companies can select and develop their top talent. By combining a user-friendly and interactive interface with avatar technology, we have created the best delivery system for leadership assessment that exists on the market today.

Our Success Coach® leadership program helps organizations:

  • Select: Our integrated platform can be customized to fit your organization’s leadership hiring needs.  We can configure Success Coach® to accommodate a customized competency model, a flexible assessment battery, and assessor interview scheduling all in one integrated platform.
  • Develop:  Success Coach® pushes leader development into the 21st Century. Leaders can access their assessment results through an online portal where they can also view their personalized developmental suggestions and our complete developmental content library.
  • Perform:  Success Coach® allows leaders to target their customized and personal areas for development and gather on-demand, real-time feedback throughout the year.

To learn more about the leadership program we offer, click here. 

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