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Separately, we’ve done a lot of good things.  Together, we’ll do so much more. 

We’re thrilled to announce that Select International has been acquired by PSI Services LLC. 

A global leader in technology-enabled people and knowledge measurement solutions, PSI has more than 70 years’ experience powering the world’s best workforces with technology, content, and expertise. 

Twenty-five years ago, Select International’s co-founders had the ground-breaking belief that employee assessments could – and should – be administered on a computer to provide immediate results and a better experience for candidates and hiring managers.  How right they were!  From there, the company continued to lead the way, valuing innovation and forward thinking within the unique space of talent measurement. 

Select International and PSI are very complementary businesses that take pride in developing scientifically valid assessments, delivering them on market-leading technology, and supporting the offerings through talented and trusted teams of client advocates and testing experts.  It is a natural fit. 

Additional Information:

What does this mean to Select International clients? 
PSI is committed to growing Select International’s business and continuing to support our clients with the same high-quality content, services, and people. 

In addition, this acquisition means greater access to: 

  • Additional resources in the form of emerging and self-service technology
  • Leading proprietary and third-party content and services
  • Enhanced client support
  • Additional I/O psychologists and data scientists
  • Expanded support capabilities, allowing us to better serve you in the years to come

What changes will our clients see?

Initially, clients will notice very little change other than the new logo. Over time, we expect that clients will experience the benefits of PSI’s broader services and capabilities. 

When will this happen?

Select International officially joined PSI in May 2018. PSI and Select International will spend the balance of this calendar year completing the integration of organizations, services and product offerings. Select International's dedication to its current client base will remain steadfast as we work hard to leverage all of PSI’s capabilities to further enhance our products and services.

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