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When You Need A Hiring Partner Fast

The day you finalize a location for your new office or make the decision to expand your business is the day you should begin your new volume-hiring program.

Unfortunately, you don’t always have enough time to implement such a program. You may receive a directive to hire 250 new employees in the next three months – and you have no idea where to start.

QuickStart staffing solutions from Select International allow you to implement a customized applicant screening, hiring and interview process in as little as 15 days. QuickStart solutions include:

With QuickStart solutions, Select International analyzes your company’s hiring needs, helps define your ideal employee and creates an automated system that quickly processes applications, identifies the best candidates and moves them quickly through the hiring process. So, instead of worrying about where to start in your hiring process, you’re able to focus on training new hires and supporting your continued growth.

The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide
The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide

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