Pre-Hire Solutions for Retail & Hospitality

Customer Service Tests are Essential for Building a Stable, Productive Workforce.


Build Customer Loyalty 

Providing customers with an effortless and delightful experience in the retail and hospitality industries is the key to building customer loyalty in today’s marketplace.

That makes hiring the right people critical to every customer-service oriented organization.

If you need to fill an opening or openings with a customer service component, ServiceFit  is a quick assessment that helps with assessing candidates for retail and hospitality hiring.


Improve Sales in Your Organization 

While effective customer service plays a major role in the health and success of a retail and hospitality organization so does it's sales.  Some customer service jobs need employees who have the ability to sell, this plays a major role in a company's success. For some organizations, it's more important than ever to find candiates who have the ability to sell, as well as possess a high level of customer service skills. 

Select SalesPro® helps your organization choose the right types of individuals for your customer service roles that require sales skills by creating a complete, descriptive sales profile of your candidates.



Improve Your Interviews

As an employer or hiring manager, you’ve probably conducted countless interviews while hiring retail or hospitality job applicants, sometimes even at high volumes.  But, were your interviews as effective as they could have been? The truth is, there is always room to improve interview skills.

Select International offers both online and classroom interview training.   Click below to learn more about our interview training offerings. 


Hiring, especially in retail and hospitality, is much easier said than done.

The 6 tips contained in this tip sheet will help you figure out how to only hire the employees who will have a positive impact on your business

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"Select International has been instrumental in helping us decipher the best candidates for our organization. "

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