Hire Better Sales People

Selecting and Developing an Effective Sales Team

Discover how to attract and select the best candidates for your sales team by identifying your sales hiring needs and differentiating sales styles in applicants.
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How Can I Select & Develop an Effective Sales Team?


While all members of your workforce are important, it's the sales team that directly drives revenue.  It's more important than ever to fill sales positions with the right types of salespeople.  But how do you do that?  And how do you do it in a cost-effective way?

This eBook gives you practical tips on how to hire and dev
elop salespeople who will succeed in your organization.  It includes topics such as:

  • Don't Be Sold By a Sales Candidate
  • Why Good Sales Candidates Fail
  • Three Ways to Hire Better Salespeople 
  • 5 Common Mistakes When Hiring in Sales

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