Our SmartFit Guarantee

Realize 100% Return on Your Employee Investment

It’s often difficult to track how your investments in HR solutions affect your bottom line. After all, employee hiring, turnover and retention aren’t always easy to track in terms of costs and benefits.

So, when it comes to implementing HR solutions for your business, you want to know that your invested funds are going to have the proper return – for your bottom line and for your people.

With the SmartFit service guarantee from Select International, those fears are put to rest. We are so confident in our research-driven employee assessments, hiring application tools and interview training that we guarantee a minimum 100% return on your investment.

Through a combination of reduced turnover, lower cost to hire, increased productivity, shorter time to hire, and fewer safety incidents, the HR assessments from Select International ensure that every penny you invest in our staffing solutions returns to you 100%.

SmartFit service guarantee isn’t just an empty promise, though: Our SmartSupport customer service produces the ROI monitoring and reports you need to track your return on investment down to the penny.

The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide
The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide

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