Turnover Reduction: A Complex (But Achievable) Goal [WEBINAR]

This 1-hour webinar will provide guidance on important turnover considerations. 


Turnover is a talent problem faced by all organizations.

In all industries. At all levels.  


Programs focused on performance management, leader development, and competency measurement are more often discussed by the en vogue HR outlets; but fundamental challenges with turnover and retention create real pain points for today’s organizations.

With little new information about combating this common problem, HR professionals are often forced to approach a high turnover rate without a full understanding of the root cause and with tools ill-equipped at addressing the source of the problem.  The focus of this webinar is to discuss strategies to investigating turnover in your organization and building a talent approach to maximize retention.

This 1-hour webinar will provide guidance on important turnover considerations, such as:
  • How to select for retention.  When do selection interventions work to reduce turnover and how much can you reasonably expect to move the needle on your turnover rate by improving your selection system?
  • How do systemic factors within your organization impact retention rates.  Many factors from pay rate and benefits package to organizational culture and Supervisor-Employee Fit impact turnover.  The presenters will discuss what factors impact retention and what can be done about them.
  • How the external labor market impacts retention rates.  Organizations often do not consider the importance of unemployment rates, community reputation, and the availability of similarly paying jobs in understanding turnover.  This framework provides direction on what to expect from various isolated turnover interventions and how to structure a multi-faceted, complementary, intervention to improve retention.


  • Ted Kinney, Ph.D.  - Director of Research and Development, Select International 
  • Alli Besl, Ph.D. - Research Consultant, Select International


originally presented June 2016 


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