Understanding S.A.F.E Behaviors [TIP SHEET]

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Learn the four key psychological factors that are critical to maintaining safety in any workplace

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Understanding S.A.F.E Behaviors [TIP SHEET]Even the Best Safety Training Program Can Still Leave People Exposed to Injury

There are four key psychological factors that are critical to maintaining one’s safety in any workplace - Stays in Control, Aware of Surroundings, Follows Rules and Exhibits Caution. Based on decades of research on accidents and injuries, these four factors are usually involved when a person places themselves at risk of injury. However, most people are not aware that they might have a blind spot when it comes to one or more of these factors, and without insight into them, even the best safety training program can still leave people exposed to injury. 

By assessing for these factors and then providing valuable insight, employees in any working environment can significantly decrease their level of exposure over time, and take steps to further improve in these areas in order to engage in more safe work behaviors and foster a safer work environment.  Learn more in our Understanding S.A.F.E Behaviors eBook.

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