WEBINAR: New Physician Expectations - Ensuring Career Satisfaction and Organizational Success

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Originally presented in October 2014

Perhaps nothing has been so ignored in the push for healthcare reform, as the need to prepare and position physicians to succeed – to succeed in their careers in the face of great changes – and to succeed as leaders and partners in changing the way care is delivered.  Successful reformation of the American healthcare system, with an emphasis on value-driven care, assumes a new level of collaboration between physicians and hospitals, and a new set of physician behavioral skills, including adaptability, innovation, collaboration, business acumen, leadership and emotional intelligence.

Are physicians prepared to succeed? Are we doing enough to prepare them?  Our panel of experts represent various points of view.  They will discuss the changing dynamic as more physicians become employees, the new expectation that physicians be more than just good clinicians, the need for new type of physician leader and a more deliberate approach to physician success.

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • The factors driving the changing role of physicians
  • The behavioral competencies that impact physician performance and their ability to contribute to organizational success
  • About a more deliberate approach to understanding and improving physician performance


  • Sam Agnew, M.D. – President, Global Trauma Solutions
  • Michael Rose, M.D. – McLeod Health Board of Trustees and VP of Surgical Services
  • Bryan Warren – (Moderator) Manager, Healthcare Solutions, Select International

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Watch the Webinar Replay!