Measuring for Safety in the Hiring Process:  Research and Best Practices

Measuring for Safety in the Hiring Process: Research and Best Practices [WEBINAR]

Learn about screening for safety in the hiring process

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Does your organization screen job applicants for
safety during the hiring process?

Almost every company says that “safety is our number one priority,” but surprisingly few of them have a valid, effective process in place to screen job applicants for safety.  Research in Industrial/Organizational Psychology now shows that there are psychological traits and abilities that are highly predictive of unsafe behavior, workplace injuries, and workers' compensation claims.  A person's “SafetyDNA” can be measured accurately using the right type of assessment technology.webinar-4.jpg
Companies who are able to identify SafetyDNA factors in their hiring process are more likely to have safer workplaces, reduced safety incident rates, and more effective safety leadership. Not only can this be done in a fair and legally defensible manner, but organizations are already seeing highly improved safety performance by using this approach for both external and internal selection, from entry-level to senior leader positions.

In this 1-hour webinar, you'll: 


  • Identify the key individual traits and characteristics that make up a candidate’s SafetyDNA
  • Understand the research findings linking SafetyDNA to safety outcomes such as injuries, workers' compensation claims and safety behaviors
  • Discover validated psychometric methods that are used to predict safe behavior and candidate risk
  • Know how this technology can be used as a valid and legally defensible part of an organization’s hiring process at all levels
  • Learn best practices on how assessments can be leveraged to improve various safety outcomes in your organization


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